The people in the #IRLProject will be the same in person as they are on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Working Theory #1

  1. Georgeanne says:

    Wonderful start! We will look forward to all your journeys.
    I am less of a fan of Wild. West coasters see obvious inauthenticity in an otherwise good tale. My own personal catch is her stay at Timberline Lodge in Oregon. Really? Did she have a year ahead reservation as is usually required? Not to mention that it’s pretty pricey. Her two cents wouldn’t cut it. A good story, but a questionable story in places.
    I am confident that you will keep it REALLY real, and Gil and I look forward to every chapter along the way.
    Much love and encouragement,
    Gil and Geogeanne

  2. AngieR says:

    Hmm, I don’t know – would that be a good thing or not? Twitter is so compressed that it’s not possible to communicate anything but the most basic thoughts and ideas. I’m not sure whether people are ever able to be so simple.

  3. Your mama, Sara Kate says:

    I wrote a comment earlier and then forgot to POST it! Your writings continue to move me to tears and/or to action as I once again realize how God has gifted you with this amazing talent for writing. We are so proud of your creativity and the courage to see your project become a reality. Congratulations on great new beginnings!

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